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  • 9-28 Dish: Brad Pitt Pledges $5 Million to Build More New Orleans Homes

    I want to give a shout out to Sandi who posted about The Dish's const this week. Just note that the Fact or Crap questions will be released an hour early due to the fact that they are due at 3:00 PM EDT. I will TRY to notify the winners (who should already know since the FoC answers will be released...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-28-2007
  • 9-27 Dish: Drew Carey Shows Owen Wilson Some Tough Love

    Looking forward to the Fact or Crap round on Friday! Just to let you know, I am: 1) thinking about a "who said what" contest. As in Who said "This is fun" on the Monday Dish post. The answer would be "Zach". The only problem is that it would be really hard to do that if...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-27-2007
  • 9-25 Dish: Is Miley Cyrus pregnant?

    Well, A big day today! We have an SFC announcement coming up, Fact or Crapx2 at Noon and a wonderful Dish to read Miley Cyrus is Not Pregnant!... The rumors aren't true. 14-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cryus is not pregnant! The actress/singer, whose father is country music superstar Billy...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-25-2007
  • 9-21 Dish: Naked Alicia Silverstone Ad Banned in Houston

    Well, yesterday was a nice day on the dish. We ended up with over 60 comments and Fluffy Cow won the prize of her choice (see 2 posts ago) because her comment was number 38. I am going to do another round of this next week and I will start hosting Fact or Crap rounds in the dish starting next week as...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-21-2007
  • 9-20 Dish: A Birthday Post, plus Prizes!!

    Well, my friends, on this day many years ago, a guy named Zach was born and deceided he wanted to get into the blogging industry. And as that birthday comes around this year, I would like to reflect on my progress over the past year... I started out with a blog, wasnt very successful. Well, I guess I...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-20-2007
  • 9-18 Dish: Many Britney articles right now, no room for other celebrities

    Yesterday was very eventful! I barely had time to work on site stuff. If you take a look at the Blogs page though, you will see some new "icons" up. More to come in the next few weeks! Here is your dish! No Investigation Into Alleged Hit on K-Fed's Life... The LAPD has denied internet reports...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-18-2007
  • 9-13 Dish: The very first post on the Dish, ever

    So, since today, one year ago, was the very first real Dish post, I decided to post those articles and compare them to todays. Here is last years articles... Oh, and if your wondernig, look for the"offical" fool or cruel answers! Oops, she did it again… It seems like yesterday when Brittney...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-13-2007
  • 9-07 Dish: Lindsay's Father Visits Her in Rehab, Judge gives Lopez big bucks

    Well, its here! FRIDAY! This week wasn't too bad, I still have about 25 posts to go to reach my goal so you will be seeing some of me over the weekend. Which is a good thing! Dont get me wrong. I will also, as planned, host the 2nd official "Fool or Cruel" game right here on the dish September...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-07-2007
  • 9-05 Dish: Halle Berry: 'I'm Three Months Pregnant'

    So how was your evening? Other than Big Brother, mine was pretty uneventful... Oh and I played the ATM slot game ;) I won $40... Halle Berry: 'I'm Three Months Pregnant'... Actress Halle Berry is putting her upcoming film, 'Tulia,' on hold because she's expecting her first child...
    Posted to The Dish (Weblog) by Zach on 09-05-2007
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