Spot the Melee Contest!

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  • 10-08-2008 1:28 PM

    Spot the Melee Contest!

    Do we ever have a fun contest for you this week!!!

    Thanks once again to the lovely one2onenetwork ladies, we proudly present to you:


    You heard all about Melee in my post last Thursday - you are really going to want this prize! First off you can win a copy of their album Devils & Angels, which is awesome! PLUS you can also win a tote bag with the album art printed on it!! How gorgeous is that?

    Melee has the upbeat tones of the Goo Goo Dolls, the piano passion of Waking Ashland, the happy rock of Queen, and the grandiose arrangements of old school soul. The lead singer, Chris Cron, has a voice to die to - mature, rich and deep. He adds a pure, assured tone to all of the songs that makes Melee a band standing out from the rest of the piano-poppers in the genre.

    The tracks on this album are largely love anthems about the persistence of love, whether for a girl or the world, amid much of the struggles that face us in this world. Keyboards and guitars wash over the Cron's voice, making his brilliantly mature voice echo through the songs. They are not necessarily catchy, but they put a smile on your face: already you can feel that Melee are going to make it seem like there is sunshine outside and that the world is a good place.

    You will get swept away, trust me!

     So, what's the contest?


    1 winner will win 1 copy of Melee's album Devils & Angels PLUS the gorgeous tote bag!

    1 winner will receive 1 copy of Melee's album Devils & Angels!


    To enter this contest, you will have to go an a Melee scavenger hunt right here on SteepleMedia! We have placed Melee widgets in TEN places on this site and you need to find all ten to earn the maximum amount of entries into the prize draw!

    You will find CLUES below to help you locate the widgets! To enter, email me the URL or the NAME and DATE of the blog or forum post where you found the widget. You will receive ONE ENTRY for EACH widget that you locate, up to a maximum of 10 entries per person!


    1. Contest runs from Wednesday, October 8th until Wednesday October 15th, 2008. All entries must be received by 11:59pm EST on October 15th to enter draw.

    2. TWO winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of eligible entries

    3.  Open to residents of the US and Canada who are over the age of 13.

    4. Entries must be emailed to and should include either the exact URL of the post or the exact TITLE and DATE of each of the 10 places we have placed the widget

    5. You may receive up to 10 entries per person. Every widget you find gets you one entry in the draw.

    Ready to play SPOT THE MELEE???

    Here is what you are looking for - and this one DOES NOT COUNT!!!!! Reporting this blog post will NOT get you an entry!!



    *Widgets will ONLY be found in posts dated AFTER the Music.Life blog came to life - July 24th, 2008

    *Widgets will ONLY be found in five blogs and/or their associated forums: Music.Life blog and forum, Winners Circle blog and forum, The Dish blog and forum, The Junk Draw blog and forum and Sports From the Other Side blog and forum

    1. This Music Review is a disorganized mess!

    2. And the VMA goes to!

    3. Let the beat Move you for the very first time!

    4. From 3 to 4 on Idol...

    5. Three times lucky in games and things for Sandi!

    6. Sandi likes prizes, she also likes ice cream! Gobble gobble gobble! I can eat it for a whole year! Where can I win me some?

    7. Scoutmom is having a lovely day....just don't ask her about sports!!

    8. Yo ho ho, a pirates life for this Disher!

    9. Alien art?

    10. Sandi wants to win a house!

    Please FEEL FREE to post questions or SHARE HINTS with each other right here!!!!

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