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AI countdown...
22 May 07 03:14 PM | Zach | 2 comment(s)
Well my friends, at 10:00 PM EST tomorrow night, we will have crowned a winner of American Idol 6. Also tomorrow night at 10:01 PM EST, The Dish is going to lose its skin. (For the non-technical, thats the nice blue color and the "The Dish American Idol" Thingy at the top) I need a new idea until I start posting about Big Brother 8... I already have something for that... Post your suggestions in the comments below, and if you really want brownie points (sorry, these brownies have walnuts...) send me an email with a design in it ( I can open Photoshop files so if you have that and send it, I can open it. What do you think?
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'Idol' and '5th grader'
28 February 07 12:01 AM | Zach | 3 comment(s)
I tried a different format last week for Idol and it seemed to work well, so this week, I will use the same format, unless someone else has an idea. Tonight is the top 10 guys! Hopefully they are better than last week. I have decided that this season I will watch the show and judge without the imput of the judges. I mute them while I type my results. Then I replayed the results during breaks and said who I agreed with. Honestly!! These performances are in order so if you are still up until 12:00 PM EST tonight, you can still call in! Remember the number is 1-866-IDOLS(43657)-(their two digits eg. 01 or 12) OR if you have a Cingular Wireless phone, you can text the word VOTE to 57(their two digits). ((OK now I really feel like Ryan)) 01. Philip Joel "Phil" Stacey sang Missing You by John Waite. How I think they did: he started way off pitch. He did pick a pretty good song for who he dedicated it to. At parts he looked like Chris Daughtry. Just didn’t sound like him. I agree with Simon on...
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2-26 Dish: ThanksUSA 2 Hunt
27 February 07 12:30 AM | Zach | with no comments
Click here to read 2-26 Dish: ThanksUSA 2 Hunt Filed under: Celeb Dirt, Off Topic, Idol
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Just announced! American Idol top 12 and TONS of snow!
15 February 07 12:17 AM | Zach | 2 comment(s)
Just announced! American Idol top 12 and TONS of snow! Filed under: Idol, Off Topic
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