American Idol 8: Top 27 Night 2

Published 26 February 09 08:21 PM | Zach

Well, it's results night! I dont know about you but is it easier to call in this year? I kept getting thru which is usually strange!! Alright, time to take a look back at our contestants... boring for the blog lol. The group song tonight is Closer by Ne-yo, good choice! They were all very good. 

Oh man, this year they are getting us DVRers... they said in these commercials they have a hidden audition we wont want to miss... Oh brother... Spoiler, its after the ATT commercial. It wasn't even funny Sad

Time to get to the results! But first, the highlights... Ryan talks to Nick first about if he doesn't make it through he says "I'm looking for employment". 

Allison is called down to the stage. Ryan makes her stand off to the left of the stage.

Ryan called down Jesse next. She was told to stand next to Allison. Matt Breitzke to stand over with the girls. Ryan informed us that one of them is in the top 12, while the other two are out. 

After the nation wide vote, the person through to the top 12 is Allison!  She really is one to watch in this competition and I'm sorry she's not in my top 12.


Megan and Kris are brought to center stage. Both of my Wild Cards actually... Next he brings down Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes and had them stand with Megan and Chris. One of the 4 made it through to the next round. I hope that Giraud gets the spot. Jeanine is out. Matt is also out. The person going through is Kris! There goes my wild card lol. 


Before fillling the final stool, a recap of the past 8 years on Idol with "What a Wonderful World" AHHHH!!! I thought Sanjaya's face was finally out of my brain! Now I have to go gouge my eyes out again!

Brooke White is back! She's singing a song by Heart, I didn't catch the name, was checking my emails.


OOhhh! An American Idol Fusion! 

5 more contestants. The final 5 are asked to join Ryan on the stage: Mishavonna, Kai, Adam, Nick and Jasmine. Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine are out. That leaves Adam and Nick! (This is where the bonus points come in). Here's how I saw it. Matt Giraud and Nick, but my other option was Adam and Nick.

And we're back. Who is it? Nick or Adam? The 6th seat in the top 12 of American Idol is Adam! there's a pitty point for me there lol. Here's the updates!!

No one won the extra point tonight. We'll try this again next week I think...

Zach- 4
Fleur_de_lis- 3
Fluffy Cow- 3
Josie- 3
Shawn- 4

The competition is very close!!!

See ya back here next week! 

Also, contest participants, 


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