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project me

Ever since I started Fit Club back in April of 2007, I've thought about how to make it more personal. Obviously posting everyone's weight online and watch as the pounds fall worked once, but not twice. After the second attempt at the Fit Club, I gave up thinking about it for a while. Sandi approached me at the beginning of last year with one of the best Fit Club ideas. She ran a successful Fit Club for the full 10 week period. During that time, I developed the, what is now under construction, Fit Show as a partnership with the club. 

The Fit Show was up and running until the end of 2008, but is not gone forever! I have hopes to get the website 100% complete, up and running next week with a few more integrated features for the Fit Shop and such. The newly designed Fit Show website looks a lot like the current look. There has also been a slight change in format and such. But all this is besides the point. 

Recently, at home, we decided to start working on getting everyone more fit. Being that I've been involved with a lot of the fitness community and have had access to great amounts of nutrition information, I've been helping everyone get their ducks in a row. We are all consulting our doctors about this lifestyle change to get things confirmed safe. I'm having a problem though---I have no motivation to lose weight. What do I need to use as a motivator this time around? In the past, I've had competition on my side. Since I live with the people I'm competiting against, I know I can already do a billion times more than anyone else, so what's the point? 

If you read the dish, you probably saw that I posted last night about me possibly being late for the American Idol blog post due to a job interview. I think last night is where I found my inspiration. 

Ya see, when I put my dress pants on, they almost didn't button. I had worn these pants to my graduation, not even a full year ago. All my clothes are starting to get tight, I've been noticing. College really does take a toll on your body in a negative way. After I laid back on my bed struggling to get these pants to button, I tried to put my shirt on. I was afraid I was going to pop a button off during the interview because the shirt was tight! 

I realized then that it was time that I really started to put a focus on exercise. 

So what is this project me all about? It's a project that I need your help with. I thought of a name and have an idea for a concept, but I don't want to start putting anything together until we can all decide that it's a good one. 

Project Me is a personal fitness program that I hope will put you to the test. It sort of destroy's the whole competition aspect of the Fit Club and Fit Show (even though the Fit Show isn't going anywhere) in that no one compares each other, you are your own competition. I do not have anymore information other than that at this time, I really want to take some time to sit and write out a good plan that is easy to stick to and have some nice insentives as well. 

Thanks for listening to this rant, please leave some thoughts about what you think project me should be. Obviously this is in early planning stages right now.