Steeple Media Fit Club

A group of 10 Steeple Media members try to better their lifestyle.


 Alright guys, as of Today, I only have ONE entry to join the 2nd Fit Club this year!! Here is the post that I put up a few weeks ago. Please sign up!!

Also, I am taking your suggestions!! For the next Fit Club, there will be a page that you can report your information on. And I will send you a "Weekly Report" that contains all your information from the week. Also, try to convince a friend or family member who is close to you to join!! That way you have a local "buddy" to compete with Smile

The Club starts on May 12!! Hopefully, I will be able to post a list of potential members by Monday (that way you know if you signed up or not). Actually, Look for a "confirmation email" sometime today. If you dont receive one, you need to email me!!! 




Want to join the Steeple Media Fit Club? This is your latest opportunity to get into the fit kids club! That was the best I could do to act cool. But seriously, do you wanna join?

The next SM Fit Club will start on May 12. Do you have what it takes? Ugg, I need to stop haha.  

Well, if you would like to join, email me at and during the 2 week break, I will send everyone out a survey or two to gather information so we can get started! Be warned though, since Sandi is not hosting, things will be a weeeee bit different, such as reporting information. I will still collect information via email, but I will not be emailing you daily.

All members of Steeple Media are more than welcome to join. If you are an "outsider" reading this post, all you need to do is Sign Up on Steeple Media and you are then qualified to join!

You also do not have to be in poor physical shape. You could be at the ideal weight for your height and age but still want to be fit! Also, if you were a member of the first Fit Club this year, you CAN sign up again and keep your fitness program rolling! Thats GOOD NEWS!!! I also want to get family involvement, so if you have a family member who you think should join, ask them to! That way the "partners" can be a little more local.

Just as the Fit Club that is currently going on, we need a MINIMUM of 6 people to sign up in order to make this fit club happen. 12 are needed to give more than 3 prizes away. I'm confident that we will hit that 12 though! I think I want to set the maximum at 20 but if we go over, GREAT!!!

Also, Baseline exercises will change! I have a few up my sleeve that I want to add and some that I want to take out. Partially because the way I am going to record them will be a little different.

Thats the basis of it right now, I dont want to scare you with toooo much information. Those of you who are in the Fit Club now, please get your emails to me soon that way I can get things started asap!

Here's a brief overview of the 10 week program.


Week 1:

Getting to know everyone! Baseline collection. Partner competition (how well do you know them?) Also, FIT CLUB FITCAST!!!


Week 2-9:

Increasing physical activity and baselines. FIT CLUB FITCAST!!!


Week 10:

Final information collected. Partner competition (each pair against each other)  FIT CLUB FITCAST!!!! Competition winners announced!

There will be three areas that you can win a prize. The amount of prizes we have depend on how many people are in Fit Club. SO FAR, looks like we will be having an iPod Nano and another MP3 player!!

Areas the prizes will be given away:

Most Competitive: Will win a TBA prize and will receive a certificate

Most Improved: Will win a TBA prize and will receive a certificate

Most Supportive: Will win a TBA prize and will receive a certificate


Also, if you have ideas for added areas that someone can receive the prize and award, let me know!! All prizes are TBA and will be announced closer to the next fit club date.  I'm willing to go up to 6 prizes for this competition!


Sandi's Fit Club schedule looked similar to this one but I added a few competition inside hints Smile I also think I will do more video blogging than text blogging as I think that video/audio is more fun. Oh and I want the FitCast to have more in its attendance so I think I am going to incorporate that into Weekly point totals some how, but thats soon to come Smile

Thanks for stopping by and invite your friends!! 


Zach said:

BTW, comments do not count as email :) Gotta email me so I can email you a survey and a confirmation... lol

# April 30, 2008 5:03 AM

Sandi said:

Email sent :)

# April 30, 2008 7:45 AM