When will we have a session of Congress where the senators and representatives show up and say, "You know what? There are already enough laws, programs and entitlements on the books. We're going to do nothing -- absolutely nothing"?

We have a wonderful milk company in East Tennessee. The milk is rich, sweet and smooth; and the icecream is even more sinful. I've travelled the world and the one thing that brings me back to East Tennessee is Mayfield milk [link]. Don't even try to convince me that your second-rate, regional milk producer is superior. Anything other than Mayfield milk is snot. I know. So, I was disappointed this week to hear that our milk prices are going up.

My family goes through about three or four gallons a week. It goes with Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, oatmeal, pancakes, pizza, chocolate cake ... well, you get the point. My older son drinks milk with nearly every meal. We've come to believe that his milk mustache is stained on his upper lip permanently. Therefore, a milk price increase is going to hit my wallet relatively hard.

What could possibly cause an increase? That's right. The meddling government.

You see, the government -- our benevolent nanny -- is subsidizing ethanol production. The subsidy has artificially inflated the price of corn. What that means is that the only people benefiting from the ethanol production are corn growers and ethanol producers. The rest of us lose.

The government gets involved. Corn prices go up artificially. Dairy farmers pay more for feed corn. And the increased costs are passed to consumers in the form of price increases. Therefore, my beloved milk is more expensive.

Oh, and if that isn't bad enough, did you know that there are 119 ethanol refineries in the U.S. with 77 under construction. Yet, my 1991 Civic uses gasoline! So how many oil refineries are there? There certainly aren't enough because gasoline is hovering around $3 a gallon with no hope of it coming down soon. And there have been no new ones built since 1976!

So the government -- our elected officials, mind you -- get involved in the form of subsidies and my milk goes up. And then they get involved in the form of EPA regulations and permits and my gas goes up. For crying out loud! Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!

Next time, I'm voting for a lazy procrastinator. Run on that ticket and you have my vote.


# re: Milk and Oil

Thursday, June 28, 2007 1:59 PM by Fluffy Cow

As a cow, I find this  "moo"se  "udder"ly ridiculous.  

# re: Milk and Oil

Thursday, June 28, 2007 2:49 PM by Uncle Jesse

Uncle J's grandfather...before he passed at the far to young age of 47, was high in the ranks of Mayfield Dairy, he actually moved from Athens, TN to Farragut to start the Knoxville branch and distribution center.  So for me, Mayfield is in the blood.  

# re: Milk and Oil

Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:15 PM by Bahnsen8

I grew up in Chattanooga, and I have always felt the exact same way about Mayfield. I love Mayfield everything. Everybody talks about Edy's, Blue Bell, blah, blah, blah.

Lord, I pray that You will please not let Mayfield start printing on their containers like Starbucks did.

# re: Milk and Oil

Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:42 PM by Fluffy Cow

Good one Bahnsen8!!

# re: Milk and Oil

Friday, June 29, 2007 7:07 AM by BJ not BK

mmmmmm, Mayfield Ice Cold milk and pizza with a couple of hot peppers and some garlic butter of course, I think I better stick to milk and chocolate cake, mmmmm chocolate cake

# re: Milk and Oil

Friday, June 29, 2007 11:09 AM by Bahnsen8

Back to the point of the excellent post from our excellent host- may I offer a single word to encapsulate the primary political philosophy at play: jurisdiction.

The Bible tells us (well, ok, first we have to read the Bible believing God gives us Biblical political philosophy) how a Biblical government is to be formed, and the founders did the best job in history with our Constitution. The primary genius came in application of jurisdiction. (Now, I do believe the Constitution leaves a lot of room for improvement, in terms of applying Biblical political philosophy, as did Patrick Henry and George Mason.)

The 13 individual sovereign nations that fought together for independence had all essentially established that small local community governments are the starting point for running each community. The States existed to protect its people from evil and to promote good, each State with its own ways of securing the freedom of each local community. Jurisdiction.

The Constitution attempted (failed, but tried) to unite these sovereign nations while absolutely maintaining the sovereignty of each individual State. Jurisdiction. Also, the constitution attempted (failed, but tried) to form a government with executive, legislative and judicial branches meant to have power ONLY in their respective realms of government. Jurisdiction. The destruction of jurisdictional protections is what Lincoln believed and accomplished via his reign of tyranny disguised as love for men of all color. Just read the primary documents and you will also come to believe this. Trust me, I used to think Lincoln was second only to Jesus.

Marxist statism attempts to assert the exact opposite form of jurisdiction, with the large central government given total jurisdiction over all aspects of every smaller government. This is tyranny, and left unchecked, will always lead to more and more centralization of power and elimination of sovereignty of all smaller governments. Where will this political philosophy (the reigning philosophy of our ungodly society)  lead? To a single world government with jurisdictional authority over all others. Thus, the United States of America will ultimately completely submit its sovereignty to this great world government, if we do not return to God's Law. This is the inevitable march of tyranny.

So, my dear siblings in Christ, there is no neutral ground. We are either working for worldwide freedom via Biblical political philosophy OR we are working for worldwide tyranny via unbiblical political philosophy.

All of this because of our love for freedom, well, ok, freedom to enjoy Mayfield. Mmm, mmm, mmm.


# re: Milk and Oil

Sunday, July 01, 2007 2:36 PM by Krupo

US government agriculture subsidies are only outranked by the EU's agriculture subsidies in terms of being incredibly stupid.

Of course, don't forget that in some regions there are price *floors* which mandate a minimum milk price, and strict quotas on the number of dairy cows farmers can have.

As much as it's good to maintain the security of the food supply... it's just lame.