Cubs Win NL Central, Mets Fall Out Of First Place

Published 28 September 07 10:09 PM | scoutmom

 Just a quick post here.  Zambrano did it, pitched a great game, Cubs beat the Reds.  San Diego helped itself out in the race by beating the Brewers - and in doing so, helped the Cubs win the NL Central.

And along the way today, the Phillies took over first place from the Mets.  No love lost here for the Mets, as any true Cubs fan knows. 

So, how's your team doing?

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# fleur_de_lis said on October 1, 2007 08:08 PM:

We love the Cubs, too! My hubbie had a cousin who had an apartment only 3 blocks from Wrigley Field. She had a few visits from us to say the least! So I especially enjoy your Cubbie posts.