The Luck of The Irish Couldn't Help Notre Dame...or Marquette...or Arizona...or......

Published 17 March 07 11:32 AM | scoutmom
Faith and begorrah, it wasn't meant to be.  Notre Dame fell to Winthrop 74-64 Friday.  (Winthrop!?!)

So, we've wiped out 32 teams in Round 1, Round 2 is underway as we make our way through to the Final Four and, ultimately, the National Championship.  To see the current bracket on the NCAA site, click here.

Okay, admit it, how many of you had Duke going at least to the Sweet Sixteen, if not the Final Four? How much further will VCA be able to take it?

I have to say it, although Marquette was ranked higher, albeit slightly, than Michigan State, their play this season their playing has been inconsistent at best, and that's what we saw on Thursday.  I was not surprised to see them be "one and done".  Wisconsin, on the other hand, was able to figure it out in time to recover from an 18 point deficit to rally past Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.  Was it really Wisconsin pulling it together or just that newcomer Corpus Christi didn't have the tournament experience to carry it through?  I'd like to think it was Bo Ryan's 30 plus years coaching that helped them get it together. 

So, what's up for today (all times ET):
At Winston-Salem, NC
Georgetown vs. Boston College     4:50 pm
North Carolina vs. Michigan St      7:20 pm
At Sacramento, Calif
Washington State vs. Vanderbilt      4:55 pm

At Lexington, KY
Ohio State vs. Xavier                     12:10 pm
Texas A&M vs. Louisville               2:40 pm

At Buffalo, NY
Maryland vs. Butler                        2:20 pm

At Buffalo, NY
Pittsburgh vs. Virginia Commonwealth   4:50 pm
At Sacramento, Calif
UCLA vs Indiana                           7:25 pm

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# Zach said on March 17, 2007 06:08 PM:

GO OSU!!! We beat Xavier in over time. It was a great come back too, we were down 9 with (I think) 5 minutes to go...

# scoutmom said on March 17, 2007 06:25 PM:

Congrats!!!  Hmmm, shouldn't it have been easier?  Does this portend a doomed future for the mighty Buckeyes?  Stay tuned!!!