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Music.Review/New Kids On The Block - The Block
18 September 08 08:00 AM | Zach | with no comments
New Kids On The Block, or NKOTB, started back in the late 1980s making albums. They broke up back in 1994 and got back together under the Interscope label this year. This is their fifth-studio album. On April 3, Donnie Wahlberg told CNN that the band had reunited, and were recording an album of new materiao, and was planning to tour. In my opinion, the reunion needed to have them change their name, New Kids? That are 40? A little old for "kids". In May 2008, the group released "Summertime", as a download single on various online digital music services. They also posted the tune on their MySpace page. The new album, according to Billboard magazine, was not expected until this fall. The group released "Single" on August 12, their second single from The Block, which was released September 2nd in two editions: a 13 track standard album which is what I bought, and a Special Edition which came with a fold-out poster and 4 bonus songs. The band was assembled in Boston...
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Music.Review/Staind - The Illusion of Progress
04 September 08 08:00 AM | Zach | 1 comment(s)
This week, I decided to break out of my music box and get the latest album by Staind. They are an American Alternative Metal group from Springfield, Massachusetts. I normally listen to Top 40 music, so this is quite different. Staind formed way back in 1995 and released their first album about a year after getting together. In November 2003 Staind attempted to sue Ohio musician Jon Stainbrook in New York Federal Court over his 1980 trademark of "The Stain". Staind was unsuccessful in their suit prompting Stainbrook to pursue litigation against the band for including false statements in their application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If Stainbrook's suit is successful, Staind may have to change their band name and forfeit all trademark claims or come to a licensing agreement with Stainbrook. Interesting, huh? So, The Illusion of Progress is Staind's sixth studio album. Released August 19th and was produced by Johnny K and recorded in the home studio of the...
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28 August 08 10:00 AM | Zach | 1 comment(s)
Alright, in the hot seat this week is the brand new artist (in the US anyway) named Adele. She is making her US performance debut on The View on 9/3/08! Normally I dont promote contests, but you can enter to win Airline tickets to New York and tickets to that day's airing of The View to watch Adele! Go here for more information!! So about Adele. She is an English jazz singer describing her musical style as "heartbroken soul." She is the first recipient of the Brit Awards Critic's Choice, which was given to artists who, at the time, had yet to release an album. She debuted at number one with her Mercury Prize nominated debut album 19 in the UK album chart and has yet since then been certified platinum with sales over 500,000 copies. So her album 19 has been FAIRLY successful On January 28, 2008, 19 was released in the UK and went straight to number one. It was certified platinum within a month of its release. In March this year, Adele signed to Columbia Records and the...
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Music.Reviews Sam Sparro
21 August 08 12:01 AM | Sandi | 3 comment(s)
I picked this guy out of the World Wide top 100 a few weeks ago as a personal fave - and I have since found out more about him and listened to his whole album. Both his bio and his album are quite fascinating! Meet Sam Sparro. It just so happens he was born in Sydney Australia! He moved to LA when he was 10 with his family. His grandfather performed with Frank Sinatra, his father was a gospel minister and recording artist who has written for Star Trek and *** Eye for the Straight Guy. He now lives between LA and the UK for the most part. His music is a mixture of soul, dance, electrofunk and house. Sparro has only released 3 singles from his debut first album so far: Cottonmouth, Black and Gold and 21st Century Life. Those three are definitely stand outs. Here is the US release lineup for the CD (released 24 June 2008) 1. "S.A.M.S.P.A.R.R.O" (Sparro) – 2:33 Electronica, funky 2. "Too Many Questions" – 3:56 More soulful, moody but strong 3. "Black and Gold"...
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Music.Review/ 3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down
14 August 08 08:00 AM | Zach | 1 comment(s)
This week I'm reviewing 3 Doors Down's latest self titled album. See a trend? haha. Just a little background about the band. They are an American Rock band formed way back in 1994 by Brad Arnold (vocals and drums), Matt Roberts (guitar) and Todd Harrell (bass). After the success of the song Kryptonite they were signed to Universal Records. The band has since sold well over 15 million albums worldwide since their debut album, The Better Life . The Song "It's Not My Time" will be featured in the video game NHL 09. 3 Doors down released their self-titled fourth album on May 20, 2008. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling 154,000 copies in its first week alone. This album contains a song called Citizen/Soldier which is a tribute to the National Guard. Here is the track list for the album. Train - 3:10 Citizen/Soldier - 3:52 It's Not My TIme - 4:01 Let Me Be Myself - 3:48 Pages - 3:47 It's the Only One You've Got - 4:23 Give It to Me - 3:21...
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Music.Reviews/Weezer- The Red Album (2008)
07 August 08 10:00 AM | Zach | with no comments
This week's review is of the band Weezer's new self titled album. Actually, every album they release is a self titled album, they nickname by the type of color palette used on the cover. This one is nicknamed "The Red Album." They are an American Alternative Rock band from the LA Area. Formed in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo who is the lead singer and guitarist for the group, Patrick Wilson who is the drummer and backup vocalist, Matt Sharp who plays bass and also is a backup vocalist, and Jason Cooper who played guitar and sang backup vocals. More recently, the last two listed have been replaced in the band by Mikey Welsh and Brian Bell but Welsh did not stay with the band long and was soon replaced by Scott Shriner. This is their sixth album released in the US. They also have 3 EPs and a DVD released. This album is a bit different than previous albums in that all members of the band take turns with lead vocals and it is unsaid if this will happen with their future albums as...
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Music.Reviews Alphabeat
31 July 08 12:00 AM | Sandi | 3 comment(s)
I would like to review This is Alphabeat, by Alphabeat this week. This is not totally brand new, but since they haven't hit it so big here in the U.S yet, they might be new to you. The album was released in the U.K on June 2nd, 2008. Alphabeat is a Danish pop band who sing in English. Their sound can mostly be described as retro 80's pop style - but with very alluring, sweet and innocent harmonies between the male and female lead singers. I find all of the songs generally upbeat, happy and irresistible! Here is what you can find on the album, which is available on backorder from 1. Fantastic Six 2. Fascination 3. 10, 000 Nights 4. Boyfriend 5. What Is Happening 6. Go-Go 7. Touch Me Touching You 8. Rubber Boots 9. Public Image 10. Nothing But My Baby All of the songs are fun, but to whet your whistle I suggest you start with track 1, 2, 3, 7. My favourite track is probably track #2 FASCINATION - although it's a tough call! I must add that one of the BEST things about...
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Music.Reviews/Metro Station
24 July 08 10:31 AM | Zach | 3 comment(s)
Since it is already Thursday, its time for the Music.Life Music.Review! This week is of the Metro Station CD which was self titled. If one was to make a musical time capsule of 2007 a collection of sounds and lyrics reflecting the energy of our moment it might be a good idea to drop in a copy of METRO STATION’s eponymous debut record. Sure, the band is young (OK, still in fake ID territory), but Metro Station’s brazenly catchy dance hooks and yearning lyrics perfectly capture what it feels like to be a teenager in today’s culture. This is a band that was weaned on and made by the Internet, whose dedicated legion of online fans made them MySpace stars in a matter of weeks. This is a band that caught the early attention of ALTERNATIVE PRESS (earning a spot as one of the magazine’s 22 Best Underground Bands), along with URB and TEEN VOGUE magazines, months before they signed to a label. Metro Station is a band that, despite their youth, have made their way from greasy mall jobs to recording...
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