Music.Win Celine Dion Taking Chances - Card #10!

Published 29 October 08 12:01 AM | Sandi


Here is a fun contest for Celine Dion fans!

You can WIN her latest CD called TAKING CHANCES if you are brave enough to TAKE a CHANCE!!!

So, ready to claim the CD as your own??

Here's how to WIN!

1. Once a day, a 'card' will be released on this Music.Life blog at around 12:01am EST

2. The game is a variation of the higher/lower card game. Each time a card is released you have the opportunity to earn entries in the draw by guessing if the card will be HIGHER or LOWER than the previous card (OR FREEZE)

3. If you guess CORRECTLY you will receive the following entries:

     * 1 correct guess in a row = 1 entry

     * 2 correct guesses in a row = 3 entries

     * 3 correct guesses in a row = 6 entries

     * 4 correct guesses in a row = 8 entries

     * 5 correct guesses in a row - 10 entries

     * 6 or more correct guesses in a row - 12 entries for each guess

4. If you guess INCORRECTLY, you will lose all but ONE entry, so if you play at all you are at least guaranteed one entry in the draw.

5. If you do NOT want to take a chance and risk the entries you have earned instead of choosing higher or lower, you may opt to FREEZE. A freeze will not earn you extra entries, but will allow you to continue your 'run' of guesses for the next card following the freeze.

6. EXAMPLE: Let's say the first card presented is a JACK. You would probably guess LOWER. If the next card is in fact lower, then you will earn 1 entry. If you are wrong for this first time, you will also earn 1 entry just for playing BUT you will not have 1 correct guess in a row. If you guess correctly for the 2nd card presented as well, then you would earn 1 + 3 entries and you would be on a roll of 2 correct in a row. If you got the first one wrong and the second one right you would earn 1 + 1 entry and would be on a roll of 1 correct in a row.

Don't worry, I will keep track of and update your entries. You just need to decide HIGHER, LOWER or FREEZE - and to maximize entries, check back 3 times a day for new opportunities to guess!

* TIES - there is a chance the next card will be the exact SAME value as the previous card. In this case unfortunately both HIGHER and LOWER guesses will be INCORRECT - only freeze people will be protected from losing entries in this case.

* ACE is worth BOTH 1 and 14 - sort of like a wild card :) Jack is worth 11, Queen is worth 12 and King is worth 13. All other cards worth face value.



* You must be a US or Canadian resident (for shipping purposes, sorry) aged 13 or over. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW!

* You must POST your guesses directly in the submission box! EMAIL RESPONSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

* Contest will run from Wednesday, October  22nd until Thursday, November 13th at 11:59pm EST. Entries made after this time will not count towards eligible entries.

* Maximum entries possible -  256 per person. You would have to guess correctly 24 times in a row, with no freezes to earn that number of entries.

* ONE winner will be chosen from all eligible entries at random and will receive the Celine Dion CD Taking Chances valued at $18.98


Here is your TENTH card!!!! Get guessing! HIGHER, LOWER or FREEZE?

Enter in comments below if you have any problems with submission box!


# Sandi said on October 29, 2008 09:36 AM:

Card #10 is the King of Diamonds

# Sandi said on October 29, 2008 09:55 AM:

Taking chances is really paying off for Fleur-de-lis so far!! Here is your tally of entries earned so far!

JoJo - 1 entry

j15bell - 2 entries

Shawndiaz - 4 entries

Unruli1 - 4 entries

Soccer-Ref - 9 entries

Fleur-de-lis - 48 entries

Guess every day for those bonus cumulative entries!!!

# soccer ref said on October 29, 2008 09:37 PM:

For card #10, my guess is LOWER.