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Green Dot Kool Aid
The absolutely masterful takedown by Going Concern of Deloitte's ill-conceived twitter account if worth reading now. That's all for today, go enjoy it if you haven't already. Their account is a weird place indeed. Why post a washed-out cell phone pick of your "chairmen" (sic) anyway?
Maybe CAs were smart enough to recognize a bad business and proceeded to avoid it
I just mentioned CH Canada last week . 2 days after my post, they went bankrupt . Ouch. Here's a list of the dead sites, courtesy of the bankruptcy trustee : As a consequence of the bankruptcy, DB Media will not be fulfilling any customer orders through its DVD clubs as of December 9, 2010 as the Canadian operations have ceased. The following lists the DVD Clubs affected by the bankruptcy: DVD CLUB: http://www.columbiahouse.ca/ DVD CLUB: http://www.columbiahousecanada.com CHCanada: http://www.chcanada.com/ French CHCanada: http://www.cineetcie.ca/ HH: http://www.healthharmony.ca/ Bookscene: http://www.bookscene.ca/ Although the company is dead, and no more shipments will be going out, if you owe money, they'd like you to pay up: A&M Canada, serving as Trustee, is now in the process of collecting amounts owed to the book and DVD clubs. If you have an outstanding amount owing to DB Media, we would appreciate immediate payment of your account in full. What a very polite sentiment...
Toronto Police Tactical Retreat Saved Lives, Sacrificed Vehicle: A detailed video analysis of the police car fire at Bay and King on Saturday June 26
This post is an example of where the mindset of the Hardcore CA will take you. In AuditLand and other corporate environments, when something goes Horribly Wrong, rather than point blame and string people up, you have a "Lessons Learned" moment, which can either be a casual debrief, or an exhaustive exercise in identifying what mistakes were made, and how they can be avoided in the future. There will no doubt be some very professional investigations conducted into what happened this weekend at the Toronto G20 riots. One of the most shocking images online and on TV came from the fires that consumed Toronto police cars , which initially engendered some extremely sceptical treatment. After all, they just bought a water cannon - couldn't they handle a fire quickly and safely? This presumed that the security teams knew they may need to use it as a firefighting vehicle; given the delays it's probably safe to assume wasn't planned for. This makes sense, considering its stated...
Can I replace the standard checkmark tick marks with stick-men and other fanciful drawings?
Short answer: depends on your manager. I very much like using the new 3D images in Office 2007 to make my workpapers look a bit more interesting, but I only use them when I know they're going to be appreciated, otherwise it's just standard yellow boxes and red check marks. Good tick marks are easy to draw, and are easily distinguishable from each other. These random thoughts came to mind after reading about Jim Carroll and how he did just that as a young CA student a few decades ago. He realized that being creative and a Chartered Accountant doesn't at all mean dealing with contradiction, and he went on to become a popular speaker on futurism and even writes a regular column in CA Magazine . Oddly enough I didn't think to wander onto his website until just now despite reading about his adventure in creating an app for simplifying that task. Go there , and you'll have a chance to listen to him speak is pretty captivating - and there's a introductory video on his...
What do I do if I find a glaring error in an audit by a Canadian CA firm?
Sometimes you read things online and wonder, "gee, what if someone in charge of this enforcing The Rules found out what's going on?" Would some audit firm get in a mess of trouble if things weren't being done properly? Consider this quote from a lively AuditLand discussion board : " Having worked for Big 4 firms for almost four years, I feel that Big 4 firms often lack ethics. We learn about ethics in different courses in University. I feel that none of the ethics I learned is being applied in the workplace. Generally speaking, managers do not perform all the Audit procedures in gathering evidence. For example, we take data given to us without validating them. The managers don’t offer its workers any directions or help. When I was in my third month at the firm, I went to audit the inventory of a computer hardware warehouse with another auditor. We had no idea what we were doing. We simply made up numbers that we thought made sense and we left. We compiled those numbers...
Hiring high school students to run audits and treating your staff like... prostitutes?
Tick Marks has an article that's hard to believe - someone hired high school students to work on his audits . His name happened to be Michael Moore, but the guy punished by the SEC wasn't that Moore. Not a big surprise. I've found the grave of Michael Moore in Victoria. No, not that Moore either. Then comes the story which made our jaws drop just a bit when shared with friends: " Accountant ‘treated like a prostitute’ sues City firm for £40 million. " The article states that, while working for PwC, the accountant claimed to be on the receiving end of racist and sexist comments, and she's suing for damages. There's a curious claim in the article that she "claims that the discrimination prevented her becoming a PwC partner earning at least £500,000 a year plus bonuses." I presume that this was phrased more delicately, in the sense that "she could have one day become a partner, had she not been subject to this treatment." Being 31 years old...
What's the worst recruiting site you've ever seen?
Easy answer. This one. My first response to his associated related "Recruit Genie" site was "BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA" coupled with, "was this designed by a 12 year old with too much time on his hands?" "Strange as it may seem, employees don't have many free speech rights, especially when it comes to making negative, public comments about their current employer. That's just fine with us..." No. No. Stop. Which former Soviet Republic did you grow up in? How many cold winters did you experience in Siberia? Yes, badmouthing your boss is not something that's a Good Idea, but coming out like the all-knowing Oracle with your own commentary is worse than amateur. It looks like the sit is really a Borat DVD easter egg or something similar. It gets funnier, though. This is worse than the sales pitches I attempted for my college newspaper back in the day: Job posts are always free, but you can enhance your presence and your recruitment brand with an inexpensive...
Bioshock soundtrack released for free
The team behind Bioshock caught a lot of flack for releasing a sub-par disc masquerading as a soundtrack for buyers of the game's Limited Edition in the UK. It was a mere three tracks, all remixes by Moby. What a disappointment if you paid extra for that. Fortunately, I never did. In a doubly awesome twist, 2K made up for it by releasing the entire soundtrack to the game's original in-game audio . Click here for a direct download . There's a cool story with the soundtrack composer at Music 4 Games . The game is set in the 60's and as such, includes a slew of licensed songs which - there's a discussion on the developer forums where some hardcore fans have figured out how to extract said songs. Yay again to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for tipping me off to the existence of all these goodies - it's one of my new favourite sites.