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A few thousand people are protesting in downtown New York City

After a long day it's nice to unwind and check out news coverage of the protests that is arguably scant - the following links are courtesy of that last article, though at least you can always rely on Google News to provide you with information from various sources. The idea that Yahoo somehow blocked or censored mail related to the protest is weird and troubling though.Oh, and innocent spam filter issue. Right, the only thing their spam filters can stop is political agit-prop. At the same time, my rarely used Yahoo account receives an unending stream of spam, phishing scams and other idiocy that Google rarely if ever lets through.

That aside, it's nice to see the police barricade guarding the 'sacred cow' of Wall Street, though I'm sure there could've been a more impressive picture. Oh, the Daily Mail obliges, while dressing down the event as 'merely' over a thousand people. The Guardian, on the other hand, goes with the estimate of 5000 on the weekend. A hardcore crowd of 200 or so is camping, trying to mimic the drama that transpired in Egypt at the start of the year.