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4 murderers on the loose in BC, wearing police uniforms

Inflammatory but true.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Dziekanski.

Never have I been more ashamed of the police or Canada.

Strange that the cops' names don't seem to have been released.

I'm looking for support for this claim - ah, thank you Google, found itMr. Pritchard had to sue to get his video back.

This doesn't surprise me at all, sadly. I was doing some freelance journalism photographing nearby a crime scene recently and had a cop on his high horse chase me right off, once he finally arrived on the scene and tried to impose control.

Police cover-up? Yes.

And there's news that there was already a report in 2005 telling them not to go around killing people with tasers.  As if you need a report to know that only highly trained officers should be using devices like this! When tasers first came out they pointed out that only the tactical response unit in Toronto - the Emergency Task Force - was equipped with tasers, the devices being too experimental and dangerous for the rank and file to wield.

RCMP Commissioner William Elliott is an evil man for daring to say something as ridiculous as "The RCMP remains of the view that Tasers are effective law enforcement tools and are safe," unless this means he admits that the device was improperly used and the conduct of the officers themselves is what was responsible for Robert Dziekanski's death, in which case I applaud his Goodness and Honesty.

Sadly, I fear that the latter scenario is probably not the case, and that's distressing.

Kudos to the BC Civil Liberties Association for not letting the RCMP get away with the travesty of suppressing evidence which Pritchard lent to the cops solely because they promised to return it within 48 hours (rather naive to ever believe you'll get your tapes or film back!):

"The BCCLA is concerned that the RCMP attempted to misrepresent facts and spin a story of the event that would place their officers in a favourable light," civil liberties president Jason Gratl said in a news release today.

"Added to this, the RCMP sought to suppress public disclosure of a video that will likely cast their officers' actions in a very negative light," he added.

"This kind of public manipulation is not appropriate nor dignified for Canada's national police force."

Today, Pritchard said he is just happy to have gotten the videos back, and even more pleased the public will finally get to see exactly what happened.

"I think the police have to be accountable ... there was absolutely no need to use the Taser here," he said.

"Now things can happen and the public can do what they need to do to change the policies and procedures so this never happens again."

Before the video even hit the news I knew something smelled. And now there's proof.

Posted: Nov 19 2007, 12:14 AM by Krupo | with no comments
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