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Violent Rumble on Roncesvalles

An after-hours melee has sent at least one man to hospital with a stab wound from a broken beer bottle.

Shortly after midnight, Toronto police responded to calls from security on Roncesvalles Avenue, who were on site to guard equipment from the weekend street festival.

Security explained that a brawl had broken out: a lop-sided “40 versus 25" battle. The melee broke out after one man was stabbed near the corner of Roncesvalles and Fern Avenues.

The running battle stretched six blocks across the street, as observed by the spread of police arresting suspects.

Participants in the fight grabbed blunt objects, including poles, chairs and flower pots, reported a custodian of the Credit Union facing the site of the stabbing.

Police responded quickly, arriving in time to stop and handcuff at least six suspects, including one man with a backpack who was repeatedly told to “stop resisting”.

The stabbing victim was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital while the police continued their investigation by taping off their crime scene, located in storefront of an abandoned pharmacy.

While the victim was being stabilized by paramedics, police had to instruct a fire engine to leave the scene, as it had stopped on the road on top of blood presumably related to the altercation.

Polish Festival security believed that police would wrap up their investigation in time for the resumption of the second day of the street festival in the morning.

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