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TLAPD! by fleur_de_lis

Well, it's almost over and done with, but I couldn't resist posting some pirate comics for your enjoyment anyway! Hope you had a chance to aargh and avast a few scurvy dogs today. Hope you had a great Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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Marooned! by fleur_de_lis

Ahoy me steeplematies! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, one o' me favorite days o' the year--but methinks I be marooned here at the bottom o' the blogpile with nary a comrade t' spar with. Alas, I be resortin' to attackin' me own blog this year fer lack o' any eager scurvy dogs to run rampant with me :(...... Pirates on the Sea of Japan by joyous Yo ho ho and a bottle of rice wine.... Pirate Scream by xpoc 88 AAAAArrrrrrgggghhhh--the plank be prepared fer ye Joe! Pirate Napoleon by moggss Sacre bleu, mes amis, je suis le capitan du monde! Henry ye 8th by thatlukekid Bloody cheeky, Napoleon, I beg to differ... Reunion by riddle X marks the spot... Vincent Van Pirate by BonnySaintAndrew One eye, one leg, what's ear? Treasure by PeterAAAWelch Doubloons...a wench's best friend... Well, that be fun! Let's see what the rest o' the day be bringin'....
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Be Ye Ready for TLAPD? by fleur_de_lis

Avast me steeplebuddies, it be time t' prepare yerselves fer the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day on th' blogs. It seems we have many fellow rum guzzlers who've jumped ship in the past months so I be hopin' there be a few of youse scurvy dogs left t' make the day fun! Fer meself, I have my booty bag packed up n' ready to go..... ....with me trusty aye phone... ...a puzzle to keep me entertained... favorite pair o' boots... ...a toast stamp fer me snack.... ... and an assortment of odds n' ends fer jest in case! September 19 be the day me fine swashbuckling maties! Be ye prepared? Or will ye be found caught at anchor? (Even me lolcat be gettin' ready) What be your excuse?
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Avast, me fellow bilge rats!! by fleur_de_lis

A great, big AAARRRRGGGHHHH to one and all! It finally be Talk Like a Pirate Day and it be time to go a plunderin' on the blogs! Me tentacled twosome Scruffy n' Scoutmom be on deck it seems, and Cap'n Joe...well, we will see, we will see....
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Pirate Comic Countdown--5 by fleur_de_lis

...and one more:
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Pirate Comic Countdown--6 by fleur_de_lis

And here be another one, cuz I've got extra! Har, har, harrrgghhhh!
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gRUMble, gRUMble, gRUMble by fleur_de_lis

Avast me soda-swillin', tea scarfin', coffee guzzlin' steeplematies! I be remindin' you once more that the clock is tickin' for TLAPD! It be time to take yer piratical studies seriously! Things to do list: 1. Brush up on yer pirate insults ya mangy curs! 2. Practice yer aarrrggghhhs, avasts, and ahoys! 3. Put some pirate music on yer iPods! (I be puttin' me favorite selection on the Music forum in a bit). 4. Don't wash yer hair fer a week, throw yer toothbrush out the window, and as fer washin' yer clothes, pish-posh! 5. Stock yer fridge wit' a few o' yer favorite piratical snacks. (Me favorites be grilled hardtack and cheese sandwiches and lime flavored Perrier.) 6. Check out the official TLAPD website and scoutmom's Tanga pirate sites in the post below! Til then, me hearties.
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RUMble, RUMble, RUMble by fleur_de_lis

AAArrrrggggh! I be hearin' a RUMblin' in the distance as Talk Like a Pirate Day draws nigh, me fellow steeple hearties! Be ye prepared to talk like a pirate? Be ye stockin' up on eye patches, grog, and gold earrings? Be ye practicin' yer pirate insults ya flea bitten, salt-encrusted, scurvy dogs? September 19th be the official day, and this be the official site if ye wants ta prepare yerselves: [link] 'Til then...Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!
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Arrrrrr you ready to RUMble?! by fleur_de_lis

It be a couple o' months to the official Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I be the impatient sort, and so I be givin' all you scurvy scallawags fair warnin'. I be plannin' on boardin' your rat-infested blaaarghs today and makin' a comment or two. I be invitin' some o' me fellow pirates to join in and we plan on givin' no quarter.....Arrrrr you ready to RUMble, maties?
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Kaboom!! by fleur_de_lis

Avast me fellow steeplematies! I be givin' fair warning to all you scurvy, flea infested, salt encrusted blaaarghers to be on the lookout. I be havin' plans to board a few blaaarghs today. There will be plenty o' pirate talkin' and insultin' goin' on so be prepared! And please join in!
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Blackbeard: Terror at Sea by fleur_de_lis

Aaaaarrrrr! September 19 be just a few days away me Steeplematies! Me be hopin' ye be brushin' up on yer pirate talkin' and preparin' yerselves! Here be a website dedicated to Blackbeard put out by the National Geographic channel. There be a fun hangman game ye might be wantin' to try. Til then ye scurvy dogs!
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