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gadget.Bluetooth Phone Concept, finger phone
08 September 09 08:00 AM | Zach | with no comments
For those of you who are sick of the convenience of Bluetooth earpieces and want to live your dream of talking to your fingers like pretend phone from your childhood should look into this concept device. Designed by BCK, a team from Argentina, its a very simple concept. The user talks to the hand using the yellow ring that fits halfway down the little finger, and then listens with the pink ring on the thumb. This is one concept that probably won’t catch on, ever. Unless you can make a display to put on the palm. Maybe there is some alternate reality where this technology came into fruition. Well, you never know what’s going to be a hit and what will be a dud.
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gadget.Littmann 3200 Bluetooth Stethoscope
27 August 09 02:00 PM | Zach | with no comments
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a stethoscope that was any different than the same type doctors have been carrying around for generations. They stay pretty simple, but this one gives doctors the opportunity to get an upgrade. While doctors are updating their systems to make them more gadget friendly, this could be a great addition. After all, doctors should get to play with fun gadgets too. This Littmann 3200 Bluetooth Stethoscope created by both 3M and Zargis Medical would be a great way to update the classic doctor’s instruments. This new stethoscope reduces background noise by 85% while still allowing the doctor to hear the critical body sounds they need to hear. It also reduces handling noises that are often heard with the older electronic versions. This stethoscope has up to 24x sound amplification which could help with overly obese patients and to hear when a patient’s clothing is making it difficult to hear. You can purchase one of these for $379 , which really isn’t too bad of a...
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