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My Mates and I
My Mates and I by Mrs. O.F. Walton A young man like many others, Charlie Wescott had the outward appearances of a Christian, but his heart was not in it. He longed for change, to see more of the world. Against his parents' wishes, Charlie decided to go to London to find work, and there he did see some of the world, and the types of people that thrive in it. Though he resisted temptation and peer pressure for a while, he soon fell into bad company. While thus he continued, even news of his mother's death and prayers for her boy who she knew was going wrong would not change his heart, but God knew how to reach him. When working one terrible day, the support Charlie was standing on gave way… Through the story of Charlie, Mrs. O.F. Walton tells of the danger of sin, rebellion and conformity to the world, and of how willing God is to receive us back if we turn to him. Some of the character traits it teaches are humility, discretion, love and forgiveness. Great book for teenage boys...