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Redistribution of Wealth
Saturday, December 04, 2010 11:06 AM
God commands for His people to establish an economy that redistributes wealth. God commands those who own land to open their fields for gleaning. God commands that a portion of the tithe be given directly to a worthy poor person/family to lift them out of poverty. God commands that the local Christian assembly use its stored resources to assist faithful covenant member families: if the extended family is unable or unwilling to help a covenant family, then the local Christian assembly is to use its stored resources to assist the needy covenant family. This is God's designed economic method to care for the poor. If obeyed, it will breed respect and appreciation between poor and rich, between the church and society. If not obeyed, then fallen man will adopt fallen methods to care for their poor, often implementing oppressive and inefficient systems and programs. Most dangerous is when the civil magistrate usurps the responsibility of the family and the church. The Bible forbids the civil magistrate from instituting any INCOME-BASED tax plan. Certainly, the Bible even more forcefully forbids a GRADUATED income tax. The head tax is the Biblical method for funding the civil government. Usurping civil magistrates violate God's Law. Those who condone a usurping civil magistrate and graduated income tax also break God's Law. Theft, taking someone else's property without Biblical warrant, is a violation of God's Law. Go and read the last question of the Communist Confession of Faith to understand the ultimate source of America's current putrid process of decomposition.