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Tom Chick does some fantastic writing sometimes. His rant about Fallout 4 amused me to no end, though, as he complains about some rather silly things. Oh I hear what you're saying, but I didn't vote for you to be the mayor of Diamond City. In the post-apocalyptic wasteland in and around Boston you have the opportunity to build your own settlement. There's precious little information on how this is supposed to work, a fact he laments. The developers' intention, which I support, is that you've woken up after a 200 year nap in a frozen tube. You're supposed to be confused and bewildered. The fact that Tom has trouble figuring out the system is peculiar as he's an experienced game reviewer. The fact he didn't realize he can chop down trees for wood is perplexing, as it was one of the first actions I stumbled upon. He goes on to complain about the "fast travel" mechanic, which allows you to jump around the map once you've already visited a location...more
Regular TV = Doomed: Deloitte
Waiting in line makes sense, except when it doesn't
Google says this site isn't mobile friendly
There are exams harder than the UFE
1. smith(guy), witherspoon, cavallair, gillinhall(guy) oprah, stewart 2. 12000, part 2 cluedoku 3. river dance 4.anderson, james, carey, lewis, derek, arthur, arnold, joel, barry 5. grant, clooney, bonaparte, blunt, danza, charles, spacy, petty, nichloson 6. chinook Hey everyone, Treasure Hunter isnt around right now so I decided to put this up since Round 7 starts in a few minutes. Please post your answers and questions in the comments. This is what Treasure Hunter said for the 3:00 PM EST Challenge: And in other news... If you are still having trouble with your Steeple Media password, please be patient and keep sending the emails. I am trying to get to all of them as quickly as possible. I wouldn't be fulfilling my active duty of service if I didn't plug Joe Napalm . Another final round challenge day and I have some prophetic advice. I thought about keeping it to myself because of its great value, but generous as I am, I'll post it anyways. Answer quickly . One of our active readers...more
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Wow, I cant believe it! We are ACTUALLY going to do this! A few things. I want this to last a while (haha) since this is your only contest this week. But go as fast and as much as you can... Invite people! The more people you invite to play, the better your chances are to win! (Sounds backwards but its not) Each referral and referee will be entered into a drawing for a single prize pick. Now for the actual contest. I have TWENTY numbers selected. THREE prizes to be given away! a (I cant give away more than that this week... sorry) Same goes, for the rest of the numbers... They will be entered in for four 1 prize points! Good luck!!! Comment lots, refer lots, comment often, refer often!!!! UPDATE: Sorry this disappeared!!!more
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