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I'm amused by junk mail sometimes. Especially when it comes from large reputable companies that don't know who I am, so they have to address their mail to "Resident." Oh yes, what is it you're offering me? A service for $50 per month, subject to 9 pieces of fine print? Well let's read those! To my amusement, there's actually 12 pieces of fine print, and they don't line up at all with the 9 on the big piece of marketing collateral. I'm not interested in actually buying the product, but like a good auditor, I've tried to tie to their "supporting evidence" and found that they screwed up. They used "marketing template A" and "legal template B", and it's a giant mess. I do wonder if the poor lady the CBC spoke to about Bell Canada sending her a massive bill for a $309 when she expected to be paying $91.03 simply didn't read the fine print carefully as Bell seems to argue, or whether their fine print wasn't set...more
Metrolinx: read their audit report and weep
I'm back to where I started
Big Four Summer Fashion Dress Code
Can I invest in my child's training as a tax deduction...
7- Charlotte's Web, Interview with a vampire, weekend at Bernie's, The x files, Dead Poets Society, To kill a mockingbird, In cold Blood, Rosemary's baby, Die Hard,Dead man walking 8- rusty shack Treasure Hunter will be back tomorrow. I am just filling in for the weekend. Here is where you can discuss Today's Answers, Clues, and Comments. There is a new game that is comming up, Treasure Hunter posted about it here . Here are the times for the rest of this round: Monday Oct 30 3pm ET Challenges 9-10 Tue Oct 31 3pm ET challenges 11-12 Goldmore
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 7:1-6 - 64,830 views
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 13:11-13 - 57,585 views
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 7:11-13 - 54,137 views
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 8:11-13 - 53,420 views
Wow, I cant believe it! We are ACTUALLY going to do this! A few things. I want this to last a while (haha) since this is your only contest this week. But go as fast and as much as you can... Invite people! The more people you invite to play, the better your chances are to win! (Sounds backwards but its not) Each referral and referee will be entered into a drawing for a single prize pick. Now for the actual contest. I have TWENTY numbers selected. THREE prizes to be given away! a (I cant give away more than that this week... sorry) Same goes, for the rest of the numbers... They will be entered in for four 1 prize points! Good luck!!! Comment lots, refer lots, comment often, refer often!!!! UPDATE: Sorry this disappeared!!!more
10-19 Five Hundred FRIDAY! - 562 comments
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 8:11-13 - 558 comments
11-16 Five Hundred Friday! (with a Twist) - 551 comments
AOL GOLD RUSH ANSWERS - ROUND 7:11-13 - 516 comments

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